Clontarf 1014 Single Malt

Clontarf 1014 Single Malt

The Independent Irish

Clontarf Irish Whiskey takes advantage of the natural abundance of Ireland by using the
finest ingredients that Ireland has to offer during the distilling process.A combination
of barley, maize and pure spring water gives Clontarf its complex aroma and
extraordinary flavor.A bold and smooth Single Malt Irish Whiskey, triple distilled, using
copper pot stills, aged in bourbon barrels for 5-8 years and blended to perfection.
Deceptively distinguished malt that offers more complexity than first meets the eye.

"Airy and delicate yet deep, with sweet honey and earth aromas." Eric Asimov, New York Times
"Beautifully fresh barley, almost barley sugar, with light sinews of oak; long intense barley but with the vanilla standing tallest
at the death as welcome spices finally gather; beautiful in its simplicity, this has eschewed complexity for delicious
minimalism." 90.5 Points Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible.
Perfect Serve: Neat, with a dash of water or on the rocks, or combined with ginger beer or ginger ale.
Size: 700 ml; ABV: 40%